About Us

Tracing our roots back to the mid 1940’s when Southern Winding Service was started with just a single chapman winding machine and a single-minded focus of providing quality rewinds to the wholesale motor industry.

Over half a century of service to our customers

After our official formation in 1948, we shifted our focus to serving customers primarily in the textile, phosphate and paper industries. While we continue to this day to provide both quality rewinds and motor management support to these industries, we have also developed strong and diverse portfolio of customers in industries such as:

  • bio-medical
  • small & industrial tool manufacturing
  • marine & cargo
  • public transportation
  • material handling
  • large scale food and beverage production

In addition to providing quality service to these direct to end users, we have also remained one of the leading outsourced suppliers of quality rewinds for all full service electrical apparatus repair and motor management service providers.

Our Vision:

To become the number one provider of quality rewinds and motor management services in North America.

Our Mission:

Southern Winding Service, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality rewind and motor management service in the North America. We believe that by providing an environment of integrity, ingenuity, and innovation for both our customers and our team of skilled craftsmen and dedicated service personnel, we are able to act as effective partners with our customers and employees. This partnership will provide a stable platform for the development, benefit and growth of all our stakeholders, allowing us to contribute to and benefit from the economic strength of our community.

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